What are the profitable ways that are done to make the right conveyancing process?

The same article often repeated on different sites and different URLs for the same site, the search engines do not like this Repetitive content.Search engine indexing program will form the vocabulary pages and keywords stored in the index database structure.User search, see if the first two pages are  web designers sydney   the same article from different websites, user experience On the bad, though they are relevant to the content.Search engines want only to return the same article in an article, so before performing index Also need to identify and remove duplicate content, this process is called .

The basic method is to re-calculate the fingerprint of the page feature keywords, that is selected from the body of the page content in the most representative Some keywords (often the highest frequency of keywords), then the calculation of these keywords digital fingerprint.Here Off Key words selected in the word, to stop words, after eliminating the noise.

Experiments show that usually features 10 selected keywords than can be achieved High calculation accuracy, then select more word pairs to improve the accuracy of the weight it is not a contribution.A typical fingerprint calculation algorithms such as MD5 (Message Digest algorithm fifth edition).Features such fingerprint algorithm, the input (especially Levy keywords) any minor changes will lead to the calculated fingerprint a big gap.

Learn to go heavy algorithmic search engines, SEO staff should know simply adding “and to give” swap paragraphs order This so-called pseudo-original, and can not escape to the weight algorithm of search engines, because such operations can not change the key features of the article Word.And go heavy algorithmic search engine is likely to more than just the page level, but proceeds to paragraph level, mixing different articles, Cross-swap paragraph order does not make reprint and plagiarism become original.After text extraction, segmentation, to heavy, the search engines get is unique, and can reflect the main content of the page, In terms of content units.